Welcome to My World

what is the point of that?

What is the point of a half dime??  Why didn’t people just use nickels?  I am confused.  Where half dimes the pre-cursor to nickels or something?  Anyways- I was just curious.  I was thinking about change because I got a million bucks in tips in change this week.  Two people didn’t show up for work, which means all the tips were divided up among 2 people instead of four, and I made like 30 bucks in tips in 2 days.  Hooray!  That will pay for my gas on my trip home this weekend.  Woohoo-it’s Thanksgiving and I managed to get the day off!


Dream jobs

Have you ever made a list of your dream jobs?  Not the jobs you are actually attempting to study for, or achieve, not the jobs that you could actually be good at, but just the jobs that sound incredibly cool.  You know-the jobs where when someone says “So, what do you do for a living”  you’d be stoked to say “destination wedding photographer”  or “I’m in a band.”  And then you know that they would seceretly be a little impressed.  I am so glad I don’t have a job that sounds like “I am the CEO of a large corporation who downsizes blah blah blah.”  Ick.

yard sales!

I LOVE going to garage sales.  I love getting a good deal, or shopping in the clearance rack or buying from a huge sale or something.  But, sometimes you just have to shell out the money for things that you really want. 🙂  My nephew really loves Disney cars, and so I gave in and bought him a whole load of stuff the other day.  I spoil that kid to no end!  I guess that’s what happens when you are the only nephew!

On my way home from work on Friday I stopped by at a sale and basically hit the mother load of cool stuff.  A whole school had to close their doors, and was forced to sell everything at a huge sale, and I bought so much cool stuff there for super cheap!  Hooray for that!

Do you remember?

Do you remember when they used wheat pennies?  I don’t.  I’m too young!  But, I came across one the other day, and I guess they were the more original design of pennies.  It would be such a sweet job to get to design what goes on coins.  Imagine knowing that something every single person in America is using was designed in your brain! I sometimes have ideas of grandeur like this of how my artwork or ideas could be commonplace in people’s lives…but I’d better save all my silver quarters until that day comes true.  I’m broke!


I got a chance to go with a group of teenagers to a school for handicapped and mentally challenged kids, and it gave me a renewed appreciation for what special education teachers do.  I started searching on the web and found the Ohio MRDD to see what they do for families.  I honestly didn’t know what MRDD stood for, even though I have heard that acronymn several times before.  I think the rise of autism in children is honestly frightening.  We have to find a way to support families who are struggling with the difficulties that come with these diseases!  What shocks me is when the families have more than one child with problems.  God bless them!


I went to a wedding a few weekends ago, and I recently took a look at their wedding photos.  They were incredible!  As it turns out the photographer normally does destination wedding photography, but since he is a family friend, he took their photos for them.  They are SO beautiful and artistically done!  I would love photos like this of myself!  It’s so narcissitic (sp?!) of me, but who doesn’t love a great photo of themselves??

I am tired of photos done the same way over and over, I love seeing someone doing photography the way it should be done-uniquely and artistically.

Uncertainty of a shifty mind

My mind is so shifty. It’s a jumble of stories and make believe and second guesses. I float around not knowing what next or what I want. I breathe in and hope that maybe my next breath will be one of certainty. I am content with my life, but sometimes I feel a stir. It’s a stir in my heart because my logic and heart always battle. I feel this stir and never know what to do next. It’s strange being happy yet feeling an incredible uncertainty about what I want or what I should do next or who I am.


Color is such an important part of my life. The colors I reach for out of my closet every morning subconsciously have to do with my mood at that very moment. Color tells so much about a person. Color affects our moods. A blue room is proven to be more calming than a red room. Because of my love for color I am very excited to be teaching an acrylic painting class focusing on color theory. I want other people to understand and experience color the way I have through learning about it. So today as I enter that high school, something I haven’t done in a while, to meet mostly older women that I will be teaching for four weeks I want to show them how to better experience color. I want to bring them not just a love for painting but a love for color.

Comfort in the Consistency

I am back, back from a weekend that was stressful and hard. After that weekend I realized that this is my home now. My friends are the only things home about that place. My home is where I am comfortable, and I am not comfortable there. I feel like myself here, but not there. That used to be the place where I was myself, and now it leaves me feeling confused and like I really don’t belong because I don’t. I will walk up my steps to my apartment and look out my two huge kitchen windows into a world of cement and unclassy neighbors and feel at home. There is comfort in knowing that the strange man on the corner will always be listening to his boom box and the high school boys will stand on our doorstep smoking and ignore us as we walk to our door. It isn’t something that would normally make people comfortable, but here this is what I know. I find comfort in the consistency.

The Changing of Home

I am indeed growing and changing everyday. I can feel it. It is so strange to go back to a place that once felt like home and realize it is not the same at all. The people are different, the place is different, and the feelings you get when you are there are different. The cold cement even was inviting in the past and now I see it as it is…cold cement. That pavement was the home to many night walks, many memories, and now those memories are lost in the change. I used to feel at home, now I just feel crazy. This place is not the place I once knew. I go there for one reason…a few of the people that I truly love are still there. We all change, but some people are just worth crossing back into a world I once belonged.