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After-Christmas shopping

You’d think that after the Christmas rush, no one would want to even THINK about being a consumer.  But, with all the returns and gift cards, really it feels quite the opposite.  Which is why I’m trying to save up my new cash and gift cards and returns for a few weeks from now.  I don’t want to deal with the crowds, and I’d like to find some things on clearance!  I heard that Kohl’s has some really nice winter leather boots (which I’m in desparate need of.)  I basically have no winter appropriate shoes.  I didn’t really get much clothing for Christmas this year.  I’m too particular for anyone to really want to buy for me.  I got one shirt, one hat, and one scarf.  I hope I get some more for my birthday next week.   That’s another good reason for me to wait to go shopping and returning-you never know what is still coming for my birthday!  Hooray for birthdays!