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Running the Race

My friend just finished her first race, a 5k, so I bought her a necklace as a gift.  She has asthma and has consistently been walking and jogging to work herself up to this point.  So, I’m very proud of her for accomplishing her goal.  I don’t think I could ever run a race.  It hurts my back so much!

I’ve realized how much my friend likes gifts.  With me, I’m kind of like, eh, whatever, thanks.  But, with her, it just changes her whole day to get a gift.  I really need to make note of that and be sure to get her little things more.  I’ve gotten her some things in the past like Dermablend cosmetics and organic makeup, which she really loved as well.  She also has a birthday coming up, and I’m thinking about getting her some of these clothes, because we both love that movie!

God tells us to love Him and love others.  The longer I run “the race,” the more I learn how better to love others, especially the body of believers.  Gifts are certainly one way to do that.