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New Pet

So, I got this new pet the other day, a beta fish.  I wanted to name him Alpha, but my wife and I have settled on Al.  He’s pretty cool.  We actually saved him from an environment of a dirty fish bowl.  So, I think he’s happier now.  He’s really easy to take care of.  He only needs to be fed about every other day, so you’re not too worried he’ll be belly up if you miss a day.  I really like his fish food too.  It’s not the typical flakes that you put in your aquarium.  It’s actually these fish food pellets that have a handy disposal system.  I’m not much a fish fan in general, but he seems to make my wife happy, which makes me happy.  The cool thing is that I can still cuddle up with a good book and not have to be distracted by a pet.