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So, strangely enough, my 25th birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks, and I think I’m having a quarter-life crisis!  My friends are getting so old that I’m starting to have to purchase things like winnie the pooh baby bedding for their kids, and other adult presents like United states coins for my nerdy coin collecting friends.  What happened to fun gifts, games, books, stocking stuffers??  Anyways-off to a Christmas party to watch my waste-line expand with cookies and too much dinner! 


what is the point of that?

What is the point of a half dime??  Why didn’t people just use nickels?  I am confused.  Where half dimes the pre-cursor to nickels or something?  Anyways- I was just curious.  I was thinking about change because I got a million bucks in tips in change this week.  Two people didn’t show up for work, which means all the tips were divided up among 2 people instead of four, and I made like 30 bucks in tips in 2 days.  Hooray!  That will pay for my gas on my trip home this weekend.  Woohoo-it’s Thanksgiving and I managed to get the day off!

Do you remember?

Do you remember when they used wheat pennies?  I don’t.  I’m too young!  But, I came across one the other day, and I guess they were the more original design of pennies.  It would be such a sweet job to get to design what goes on coins.  Imagine knowing that something every single person in America is using was designed in your brain! I sometimes have ideas of grandeur like this of how my artwork or ideas could be commonplace in people’s lives…but I’d better save all my silver quarters until that day comes true.  I’m broke!