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Friend’s Pain

I have a friend who runs a lot. She is trying to train for the Flying Pig Marathon which is in Cincinnati. However, lately, she’s told me that she has a lot of pain in her heel, and it’s keeping her from training. She said it’s been diagnosed as a heel spur, and she found this website that has heel spur exercises. Apparently, they’ve been helping her a lot, but it is still very painful. Her family doctor tells her to keep a lot of moist heat on it, and she told me she was looking into getting something like this. I try to encourage her any way she can because I have a bad back, and I know what it’s like to have that pain.


what is the point of that?

What is the point of a half dime??  Why didn’t people just use nickels?  I am confused.  Where half dimes the pre-cursor to nickels or something?  Anyways- I was just curious.  I was thinking about change because I got a million bucks in tips in change this week.  Two people didn’t show up for work, which means all the tips were divided up among 2 people instead of four, and I made like 30 bucks in tips in 2 days.  Hooray!  That will pay for my gas on my trip home this weekend.  Woohoo-it’s Thanksgiving and I managed to get the day off!


I went to a wedding a few weekends ago, and I recently took a look at their wedding photos.  They were incredible!  As it turns out the photographer normally does destination wedding photography, but since he is a family friend, he took their photos for them.  They are SO beautiful and artistically done!  I would love photos like this of myself!  It’s so narcissitic (sp?!) of me, but who doesn’t love a great photo of themselves??

I am tired of photos done the same way over and over, I love seeing someone doing photography the way it should be done-uniquely and artistically.