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So, strangely enough, my 25th birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks, and I think I’m having a quarter-life crisis!  My friends are getting so old that I’m starting to have to purchase things like winnie the pooh baby bedding for their kids, and other adult presents like United states coins for my nerdy coin collecting friends.  What happened to fun gifts, games, books, stocking stuffers??  Anyways-off to a Christmas party to watch my waste-line expand with cookies and too much dinner! 


Mood Meets the Sky

Today is a day meant for blue. I woke up and tried to find something to wear. It didn’t take me long to reach for a bright blue shirt out of my closet. Today was sunny with a blue sky. I hadn’t even been outside, but it just felt like one of those days. Blue is such a calm color. I feel very calm, and I think I grab clothes that fit my mood without even realizing it. We had people over last night, and it went really well. We played a game and ate Mexican food. When they left our apartment they left me a feeling of happiness, a calmness that I will make friends. Making friends takes time and each meeting with people is one step closer to building real relationships. Thus, this morning I woke feeling great and calm about my present life situation. Blue was beckoning to me to pick it up and put it on. I want more in life, but for now I’m content with waiting for the excitment to come.