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Goals for the year

My roommate’s goal for the year is to enter some work into some shows.  Not that entering anything guarantees that you’ll get in, but to at least make a valiant effort by entering the work!  So, she went downtown last week to her friend that is a destination wedding photographer, and also a studio photographer, and dragged a bunch of her artwork down there.  I hope for her sake that some of her stuff gets chosen.  It’s such an encouragement when others enjoy your work!!  Check out a site with her and her friends’ work on it…they exchange once a month, which is a cool idea!


Do you remember?

Do you remember when they used wheat pennies?  I don’t.  I’m too young!  But, I came across one the other day, and I guess they were the more original design of pennies.  It would be such a sweet job to get to design what goes on coins.  Imagine knowing that something every single person in America is using was designed in your brain! I sometimes have ideas of grandeur like this of how my artwork or ideas could be commonplace in people’s lives…but I’d better save all my silver quarters until that day comes true.  I’m broke!