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Wedding out West

I’m a midwesterner, but I had a friend who recently had a wedding in Portland, OR, so I decided to make the trip. She’s a really good friend from college, and she was an absolutely beautiful bride. The wedding was a fantastic celebration, exactly what you want to have in a wedding. I hate going to weddings where you’re not happy for the bride or groom, and you think they are making a mistake. This was nothing like that. Everyone was happy for them.

The church was gorgeous. It had amazing lighting, with stained glass windows. The sun was setting, so it was beautiful. The ceremony was lovely and not too long. Then, we were off to the reception. It had a beautiful cake, lots of people and a big dance floor. We partied all night. They used a Portland Wedding Photographer, who is supposed to be one of the best out there. I’ll be excited to see her pictures later. Apparently, the company does more than just weddings as well. My friend looked beautiful all night. Her hair and dress were gorgeous, and she uses Alexandra de markoff makeup, which lasted throughout the night very well.

It was such a good time. I love being able to rejoice with my friends when they rejoice. Romans 12:15.


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