Welcome to My World

Mood Meets the Sky

Today is a day meant for blue. I woke up and tried to find something to wear. It didn’t take me long to reach for a bright blue shirt out of my closet. Today was sunny with a blue sky. I hadn’t even been outside, but it just felt like one of those days. Blue is such a calm color. I feel very calm, and I think I grab clothes that fit my mood without even realizing it. We had people over last night, and it went really well. We played a game and ate Mexican food. When they left our apartment they left me a feeling of happiness, a calmness that I will make friends. Making friends takes time and each meeting with people is one step closer to building real relationships. Thus, this morning I woke feeling great and calm about my present life situation. Blue was beckoning to me to pick it up and put it on. I want more in life, but for now I’m content with waiting for the excitment to come.

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