Welcome to My World

Running the Race

My friend just finished her first race, a 5k, so I bought her a necklace as a gift.  She has asthma and has consistently been walking and jogging to work herself up to this point.  So, I’m very proud of her for accomplishing her goal.  I don’t think I could ever run a race.  It hurts my back so much!

I’ve realized how much my friend likes gifts.  With me, I’m kind of like, eh, whatever, thanks.  But, with her, it just changes her whole day to get a gift.  I really need to make note of that and be sure to get her little things more.  I’ve gotten her some things in the past like Dermablend cosmetics and organic makeup, which she really loved as well.  She also has a birthday coming up, and I’m thinking about getting her some of these clothes, because we both love that movie!

God tells us to love Him and love others.  The longer I run “the race,” the more I learn how better to love others, especially the body of believers.  Gifts are certainly one way to do that.


1980’s Comeback

Who didn’t love the 80’s?  Crimped hair, riding bikes, awesome cartoons were all a part of the awesome 80’s.  Michael Jackson was king of the world.  Micheal Jordan was King of the sky.  It was a great time, and it seems now that people love the 80’s more than ever.  I think they are having a serious run at overtaking the nostalgic 70’s.

I remember waking up and watching all kinds of cartoons on Saturday mornings.  The Smurfs, Care Bears, He-Man and Transformers are just a few.  Now, there are movies out there that are shifting the pop culture’s eyes back again to the 80’s.  Michael Bay did a great job on his latest movie, and it’s got people searching everywhere for Transformers Toys.  Kids now want action figures of Optimus Prime and Megatron, and I found a great lens on Squidoo that has them: Transformers: More than Meets the eye.  Parents are even scrambling to get items like these for their kids.

It’s amazing to me to see the blend of the cultures.  There are kids out there wearing Disney Cars clothes, and Transformers clothing at the same time.  Little do they know the heritage of the 80’s.  You also see stuff like Miami Vice and G.I. Joe making comebacks.  What a great run.  Keep it real in the 80’s!

Wedding out West

I’m a midwesterner, but I had a friend who recently had a wedding in Portland, OR, so I decided to make the trip. She’s a really good friend from college, and she was an absolutely beautiful bride. The wedding was a fantastic celebration, exactly what you want to have in a wedding. I hate going to weddings where you’re not happy for the bride or groom, and you think they are making a mistake. This was nothing like that. Everyone was happy for them.

The church was gorgeous. It had amazing lighting, with stained glass windows. The sun was setting, so it was beautiful. The ceremony was lovely and not too long. Then, we were off to the reception. It had a beautiful cake, lots of people and a big dance floor. We partied all night. They used a Portland Wedding Photographer, who is supposed to be one of the best out there. I’ll be excited to see her pictures later. Apparently, the company does more than just weddings as well. My friend looked beautiful all night. Her hair and dress were gorgeous, and she uses Alexandra de markoff makeup, which lasted throughout the night very well.

It was such a good time. I love being able to rejoice with my friends when they rejoice. Romans 12:15.

Friend’s Pain

I have a friend who runs a lot. She is trying to train for the Flying Pig Marathon which is in Cincinnati. However, lately, she’s told me that she has a lot of pain in her heel, and it’s keeping her from training. She said it’s been diagnosed as a heel spur, and she found this website that has heel spur exercises. Apparently, they’ve been helping her a lot, but it is still very painful. Her family doctor tells her to keep a lot of moist heat on it, and she told me she was looking into getting something like this. I try to encourage her any way she can because I have a bad back, and I know what it’s like to have that pain.

New Pet

So, I got this new pet the other day, a beta fish.  I wanted to name him Alpha, but my wife and I have settled on Al.  He’s pretty cool.  We actually saved him from an environment of a dirty fish bowl.  So, I think he’s happier now.  He’s really easy to take care of.  He only needs to be fed about every other day, so you’re not too worried he’ll be belly up if you miss a day.  I really like his fish food too.  It’s not the typical flakes that you put in your aquarium.  It’s actually these fish food pellets that have a handy disposal system.  I’m not much a fish fan in general, but he seems to make my wife happy, which makes me happy.  The cool thing is that I can still cuddle up with a good book and not have to be distracted by a pet.

Sad news

Sadly, my friend recently had a miscarriage for the second time in a year, and I’m really sad for that couple!  I had already bought a present for them and everything.  It must be really hard to deal with that, and with the questions of whether you will ever be able to have children or not. 

My roommate is looking into getting a new job, and so far she is leaning towards working somewhere with troubled youth.  She doesn’t know whether she should work HERE or someplace more like an orphanage.  I think she should stay at her coffee shop job until after the summer ends so that she can go on a summer adventure and then be responsible when she gets back.  We are all about working the least amount possible and surviving on a little so that we have tons of free time.  I’d rather have free time than money any day! 

After-Christmas shopping

You’d think that after the Christmas rush, no one would want to even THINK about being a consumer.  But, with all the returns and gift cards, really it feels quite the opposite.  Which is why I’m trying to save up my new cash and gift cards and returns for a few weeks from now.  I don’t want to deal with the crowds, and I’d like to find some things on clearance!  I heard that Kohl’s has some really nice winter leather boots (which I’m in desparate need of.)  I basically have no winter appropriate shoes.  I didn’t really get much clothing for Christmas this year.  I’m too particular for anyone to really want to buy for me.  I got one shirt, one hat, and one scarf.  I hope I get some more for my birthday next week.   That’s another good reason for me to wait to go shopping and returning-you never know what is still coming for my birthday!  Hooray for birthdays!

Goals for the year

My roommate’s goal for the year is to enter some work into some shows.  Not that entering anything guarantees that you’ll get in, but to at least make a valiant effort by entering the work!  So, she went downtown last week to her friend that is a destination wedding photographer, and also a studio photographer, and dragged a bunch of her artwork down there.  I hope for her sake that some of her stuff gets chosen.  It’s such an encouragement when others enjoy your work!!  Check out a site with her and her friends’ work on it…they exchange once a month, which is a cool idea!


So, strangely enough, my 25th birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks, and I think I’m having a quarter-life crisis!  My friends are getting so old that I’m starting to have to purchase things like winnie the pooh baby bedding for their kids, and other adult presents like United states coins for my nerdy coin collecting friends.  What happened to fun gifts, games, books, stocking stuffers??  Anyways-off to a Christmas party to watch my waste-line expand with cookies and too much dinner! 

Pop culture is weird

My roommate found this website yesterday, and they have about a million types of Men’s pirate boots.  I simply cannot imagine that there are so many people out there who want these and order them, and need such a large variety as well!  I barely have enough money to survive, I just can’t imagine having so much extra money that you spend it on costume stuff.  Maybe someday??!!

Anyways,  this weekend it looks like we are going to have a party after we go to the festival of lights to freeze to death and look at lights.  Maybe I’ll see the bald eagles or the rhinos that I heard are painting ornaments that are available in the gift shop.  No joke-I’m not making that up!  Then we are going to head back to our house for an intense DDR competition.